Craftsman Inspiration in Athens, GA

The couple wanting to build this home had a strong aesthetic and love of American Arts and Crafts design. They already had the site and a basic plan that expressed their personal space needs. We fit the plan to their property while protecting a grove of pecan trees, and interpreted the Craftsman period style inside and outside.

 Using Greene and Greene (the frontrunners of American Arts and Craft style architecture) as an inspiration, we designed the house with natural wood craftsmanship throughout and a wide variety of woods. The custom built wet bar is curly red oak (more examples?). The wife wanted a unique, eclectic look in the kitchen, as if different pieces of furniture were brought in and pushed together. We made every distinctive piece to her specification for function and space. A pecan tree that had to be removed for the house placement was turned into a kitchen countertop and the lower treads for the staircase.

 As part of the Arts and Crafts aesthetic, the house has a sense of rising from the ground. The porch columns extend from field stone bases. The chimney emerges from field stones cascading to the ground. The stone, wood, and stucco exterior nestles into the natural setting.